Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRoux


Brian is the co-founder and CTO of, the fastest and easiest way to setup CI/CD gitops for serverless web apps on AWS. He is the creator and maintainer of OpenJS Architect, an open-source framework for generating and deploying AWS standard SAM/CloudFormation and coined the term FASTstack. He has been keeping a close eye on Deno since its earliest moments and is already using it in production today. You can catch him @brianleroux on Twitter where he talks about open source, JavaScript, serverless, faststack, Deno, and other developer-related stuff.

The Future of Jamstack & Serverless

Serverless came on the scene in 2014 with AWS’s creation of the Lambda Function, and the Jamstack was introduced by Netlify in 2015 as a more prescriptive architectural paradigm that leverages pre-built markup, APIs, and JavaScript to build websites that are faster & more performant. But a lot has happened in the years since, and the last two years in particular. Does pre-rendered static markup served on the CDN actually hinder our performance in certain situations? Does server-rendered code make more sense in certain situations over statically-rendered content and client-side JavaScript? Is the term “serverless” itself too limiting and vague? In this panel, Serverless & Jamstack expert Rob Sutter of Fauna will moderate a discussion with 3 pioneers & leaders in the world of Jamstack & Serverless to discuss the future of these architectures and patterns.

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