Matt Biilmann

Matt Biilmann

CEO and co-founder, Netlify

Mathias (Matt) Biilmann is CEO of Netlify, a company he co-founded in 2014 and today is one of the fastest-growing web development platforms. Matt originated the term “Jamstack” in 2015, a new approach to building faster, more secure web applications, which has spawned a large global community and movement. Matt is an entrepreneur and lifelong developer with 30+ years of experience contributing production code in more than a dozen languages at all layers of the stack, including numerous open source projects. Before founding Netlify, Matt created its predecessor called BitBalloon, and earlier founded Webpop, a hosted CMS platform for agencies that build websites. Prior to that, he was CTO at Domestika, where he onboarded tens of thousands of small and medium businesses online. Later, he helped manage and grow its Creative Community and learning platform to more than 2 million members. Throughout his career, he built and maintained tens of thousands of large-scale websites across Europe, which informed his approach to developing for the web. Matt grew up in Denmark, where he trained as a musician and music journalist. His passion for music combined with his education in comparative literature and Master’s in cultural studies informs his approach to designing software with humans in mind.

The Future of Jamstack & Serverless

Serverless came on the scene in 2014 with AWS’s creation of the Lambda Function, and the Jamstack was introduced by Netlify in 2015 as a more prescriptive architectural paradigm that leverages pre-built markup, APIs, and JavaScript to build websites that are faster & more performant. But a lot has happened in the years since, and the last two years in particular. Does pre-rendered static markup served on the CDN actually hinder our performance in certain situations? Does server-rendered code make more sense in certain situations over statically-rendered content and client-side JavaScript? Is the term “serverless” itself too limiting and vague? In this panel, Serverless & Jamstack expert Rob Sutter of Fauna will moderate a discussion with 3 pioneers & leaders in the world of Jamstack & Serverless to discuss the future of these architectures and patterns.

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